Project John Fergus-Jean (progress)

Stephen Colbert

News anymore in America is either about how Wall St. has ruined the economy, or about all the crime and corruption throughout the states. However, people like Stephen Colbert, rise up to inform the nation of such things, but is able to make light heart of it and to humbly humiliate America. He has the outstanding ability to display die-hard patriotism to his country, yet he can laugh in the face of America’s faults and mistakes. People all around view his show (the Colbert Report) to get a good laugh out of life, while becoming a little more informed about the world of politics and news of events of our nation one episode at a time.

For the portrait, the eagle will be the main symbol of the piece (in every opening of the Colbert Report, they show an eagle with red, white, and blue feathers). Along with that, the American flag will be placed in the background with fire-works beside it. There will be plans to incorporate contemporary political ads as well. For the comedy aspect of the portrait, the eagle will hold a rubber chicken in one of its talons and the political campaign ads will have been altered (mustaches, monocles, devil horns, and the like).

The medium used for this project will be digital (most likely with Adobe Photoshop). The size of the canvas will be about 10 inches wide and 13 inches tall. Pictures will be taken and modified into the piece accordingly.



About jonnypezzatti

Jonny Pezzatti is a 3D animator who primarily works in Autodesk Maya 2011-2012 and Adobe AfterEffects CS4. Jonny Pezzatti has also published "Dances With Lines" on the Blurb publication website, and has been recognized by the National Honors Society for academic excellence. Throughout his years at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), thus far, Jonny Pezzatti also been recognized for my academic excellence and have been awarded both the Dean's and Presidents list from his first semester all the way to his last completed semester.
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