This isn’t my work but I wanted to post this to show people a very unique attribute of 3D digital animation; abstract camera movements! In it’s own right the CG characters and environment is extremely beautiful and well executed, the way the camera can snap from shot to shot without actually cutting is something that computers are able to do that can’t (at least not yet) be done with any actual camera. it’s also readable unlike certain movies that just shake the camera around loosing valuable information (ie “Bourne Ultimatum). when ever I work on 3D animations I always think back to this scene. I ask myself “how can I stretch interesting camera angles with the computer’s camera?” or “how can I make not only the scene interesting, but the panning motion itself interesting as well?”


About jonnypezzatti

Jonny Pezzatti is a 3D animator who primarily works in Autodesk Maya 2011-2012 and Adobe AfterEffects CS4. Jonny Pezzatti has also published "Dances With Lines" on the Blurb publication website, and has been recognized by the National Honors Society for academic excellence. Throughout his years at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), thus far, Jonny Pezzatti also been recognized for my academic excellence and have been awarded both the Dean's and Presidents list from his first semester all the way to his last completed semester.
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