My First 3D Room from 2011


Ok so I’ve been a little behind on posting this thing (a lot actually), but here it is. I made a pirate cabin as my very first project working in Autodesk Maya 2011. It was rough at first, but I really enjoyed making it, particularly the lighting. My models were simple and textures a bit incorrect, so I decided at the time to make the lighting really really good to compensate. Turned out it was the most enjoyable part, for me, in the whole project and I really like the turn out (for my first project anyway). This was sent to a staff member at Disney to critique. He was very informative! I need to push the dark tones more, work more with temperature lighting (rather than just colored lights), and the expected proportional and textural fixes. I look forward to fixing this in the future so I can get a second look at it from this particular staff member but anyone else who wants to pitch in, post some comments up! It can’t get better without feed back.


About jonnypezzatti

Jonny Pezzatti is a 3D animator who primarily works in Autodesk Maya 2011-2012 and Adobe AfterEffects CS4. Jonny Pezzatti has also published "Dances With Lines" on the Blurb publication website, and has been recognized by the National Honors Society for academic excellence. Throughout his years at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), thus far, Jonny Pezzatti also been recognized for my academic excellence and have been awarded both the Dean's and Presidents list from his first semester all the way to his last completed semester.
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